To the Women I Have Loved…

At a weird stage in my life where I want to love somebody romantically. Already having a love to travel and see the world. I have a desire to find a person that I can create new experiences with and memories that will last a lifetime. I was in South America with some amazing friends and met amazing people, at that point God was teaching me patience and in a time of growth in myself and with God. During the end of that time in Argentina I realized that I wanted to share life with another person. God knows that man cannot be alone, so he made women…I want to love somebody and be loved by somebody that cares about their relationship with God before me.

I honestly have struggled this semester with the dating life and come to points of giving up, my mom says to move away from college dating and maybe start dating older women. She is probably right, but there are some amazing and smart women that have a solid faith in Christ. My emotions and feeling are for those that I already love; She could be the most beautiful person, way smarter than me, and a heart of Gold (kindness and loving towards others). You have to find that person that you think with make amazing mother, especially when you want to have kids. Someone that is modest and family oriented is the way to a man’s heart. And some food.

The best relationships are the friendship, but we live in an age of your just a friend. What happens when you move away, finish school, or start a career? Are you going to be with the person that makes you happy and love being around? Why is loving a friend so hard? Can men and women actually just be friends? It’s possible, but after many boundaries have been set and then often get broken.

I want to spoil somebody. I want to love them like they have never been loved before. I will never be able to give the unconditional love of God. I am not God. The hopeless romantic is coming out of myself. The love for romantic comedies, and long walks on the beach. You would think that I am kidding, but this is me in all reality. I love creating surprises and doing things out of my way to love people. The easy act is just holding the door open. Let me cook, forget going out to spend money. Let’s do something spontaneous and get outside.

I can read books on marriage and dating, but never be the perfect person. I have my issues as well. I not perfect, but I am pursing the perfect God that makes all things new in my life. I am that typical guy that does get hurt and has a hard time getting over things. I want to be better with it and God is working on that. I pursue relationships with others and want to love them to the best of my abilities. I love talking to people and feel very comfortable doing so. But in all realities when it comes to talking to a women that I think is attractive or would love to get to know more on a deeper level. I freak the shit out of myself and my confidence goes down the toilet. Sometimes I think, “God sits there are laughs at me telling me to just do it”, but I sit here on earth like hell no. Not today God. She is in my class and it will be awkward from there on out if she says no. I over think everything in my life. I am very logical and want life to be logical, but come to find out it is not. Most things don’t work out the way that I would want them to. My heart sits on this chopping block and wondering does she like me, or would it ever work out. Playing my movie trailers that never turn into a reality.

As you learn about people you learn to love them better and tend to like them even more. We were put on this earth to be in relationship. Let’s love each other and encourage one another.

Can life be easy in the sense of romantic relationships? The answer is NO!

A beginning to the many letters that are all ready written and the ones to come.

The younger generation is missing out on so much. Get off your phone and write a letter to a loved one. You don’t even have to give it to the person, but that person will surely appreciate it.

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